Cole’s Sandwiches in downtown LA

Cole’s Sandwiches in downtown LA.

Cole’s sandwiches claims to be the originator of the French Dip sandwich. Of course, so does Philippe’s.

Either way, it’s worth a stop. The sign says “since 1908” and the bar inside looks pretty authentic. It’s got a great feel. There’s a great draught beer list.

The menu is simple: french dip sandwiches, with your choice of meat. They’re served with some ridiculously spicy mustard and an equally spicy pickle that’s been pickled alongside some jalapenos. There’s something about the spiciness that goes really well with a meaty/bready sandwich. It just works.

I went here for lunch twice while I was in downtown LA. I ate at the bar: beef one day, and pastrami the next.

I can’t recommend this place enough. The sandwiches are good, the beers are good, and the place itself has a great feel.